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Below are some of ISLA's most Frequently Asked Questions:
Are there any publications or booklets I can acquire to learn more about the topic? Please click here to read 'An Introduction to Securities Lending'
Who regulates the Securities Lending Market? The residency and type of entity of the lending institution usually determines the rules under which lending can take place. For example, in the UK if the lender institution is a Collective Investment Scheme, Insurance Company or Pension Fund, the FSA's regulations on securities lending will apply. A similar situation will exist for lender institutions based outside the UK, where a local regulator or Central Bank may stipulate specific lending regulations. However, we would always recommend you consult a professional advisor prior to commencing business, who will be able to advise on specific market conditions and requirements.

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Are all ISLA members UK based? Today, ISLA has nearly 90 members comprising insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers, banks and securities dealers representing more than 4,000 clients. The geographic spread of ISLA's client base is global in nature, comprising substantial representation from the UK and the other EU member states in addition to other major financial centres such as Switzerland and the United States.
How is the Board formed? The Board consists of twelve member firm representatives and is elected annually by the membership at the AGM.
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